Correspondents of International Insurance Associations in Chile

since 1921
99 years and counting

Walter Mueschen BirckenstaedtOrganizacion Mueschen & Cia. Ltda. has its origin in the year 1908, when the family Birckenstaedt, who represented international Insurance Companies, also dedicated its business to imports and exports. Mr. Walter Mueschen Birckenstaedt founded the company in Santiago de Chile on May 12, 1921 changing its structure for the exclusive attendance of investigating insurance claims for national and international Insurers and also as Claim Agents for a few German Underwriters. It was be those years that the first Power of Attorneys from Insurers were granted to their men of confidence around the world. During the next years more and more Insurance Companies from Europe and the entire world assigned their claim business to our company.


In 1949 the nephew of the founder,Mr. Heinz W. Mueschen joined the company, where he learned the labour as Claim Agent. He received his title as “Licensed Adjuster” in 1955 and became main partner of the company in 1961. Five years later he established with a group of colleagues the Chilean Association of Independent Adjusters (ALOSI) and became its president for more than 25 years.

In 1968 he obtained his title as “Adjuster” in USA.

He was the president of the International Institute of Loss Adjusters (IILA) in USA from 1972 until 1974.

Under his leadership, Organizacion Mueschen & Cia. Ltda. expanded their clients with Insurers from Asia and Latin America.

Mr. Heinz W. Mueschen, passed away on December 8, 1999 at the age of 70 years and after 50 years of dedication to the company.

Organizacion Mueschen & Cia. Ltda. is now headed by its former Manager, Mr. Clemens M. Best. licensed Insurance Adjusters, having ample and valuable experience in Insurance and International Transport.

Mr. Best obtained his title in Switzerland as Marine Insurance Specialist and has been working in Germany, Spain and Chile for an important and well-known international Freight Forwarder. In Chile he obtained the license as Insurance Adjuster, specializing himself in Marine Cargo and Hull Claims.

Representantes de Asociaciones de Aseguradores en Chile

We are Correspondents of the following Insurance Associations & Adjuster Associations


Cargo Surveys (air, sea, land)

Loading and Unloading Surveys Project Shipments

Ship’s Hull Surveys

Risk & Loss Control
Warehouse Surveys

Recovery Action against liable parties and Salvage of damaged goods

Advisory to contract adequate Marine Insurance

Not only trust your Insurance Broker, let yourself be adviced by experts who survey and adjust insurance claims on a daily basis



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